Farid El-Aouadi
About Me

I am Farid El-Aouadi and I like creating things! I am currently a final year student at UCL reading Computer Science.

  • Technical Interests: Machine Learning, Web Development, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality
  • Personal Interests: History of Empires, Triathlon, Marketing
What keeps me busy

5 years experience using Python. Libraries I have used include: OpenCV, Flask, Django, TKinter, Pygame

Full Stack Web Dev

4 years experience in developing clean, responsive websites. Preferred technologies I use when developing for the web include React, Vanilla JS, Django.


2 years experience developing cross platform mobile applications. I have used both React Native and Flutter but have a preference for Flutter.


For over 5 years, I have been doing design work like logo's, logo animations, album covers as a freelancer. It not only allowed me to develop my creativity but also soft business skills.

Sep 2020 - Present
Software Engineer

Working with Microsoft as part of the UCL IXN programme to develop a solution for the “Red Panda Network” to aid with their sustainability efforts through leveraging the power of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and IoT devices.

2016 - Present
Freelance Developer
Self Employed

Find clients through various marketing strategies and work with them on projects ranging from website development to logo design.

July 2020
Software Engineering Intern
JPMorgan & Chase

Managed a team of 8 to develop and present a web app for a charity to help streamline their referral pipeline and onboarding process.

2018 - 2019
Augmented Reality Developer
Kazendi Ltd

Led a team of 3 developers using the HoloLens’ research mode to develop an application in Unity to visualise hands of the user in a remote collaboration scenario.

April 2019
Spring Intern
JP Morgan Chase London

Selected to attend the spring into technology program in the JPMorgan London offices. • Led a team that won first and second place prizes in two out of two in house competitions on algorithm design and strategy.

2018 - 2019
Maths + Computer Science Tutor
Manning's Tutors

Deliver Computer science and Mathematics lessons to GCSE and A level students.

Jan 2018 - Mar 2018
Mobile Developer
UCL Psychology department

Developed a cross platform application using React Native for the frontend and realm for the database to streamline processes speech therapists face allowing them to spend more time treating patients.

2017 - 2021
University College London
BSc Computer Science

1st Year : 78%

2nd Year : 73%

The course covers vital computer science theory as well as a focus on pratical software development.

Revision Notes
MOOCs / Self Learning

The indicates I have made online notes on the course which are linked.

Mar 2020
Mar 2020
Google Digital Garage
Feb 2020
Stanford University
Jan 2020
Stanford University
Jan 2020
Jan 2020
Stanford University
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019
Harvard University
My Skills
Programming Knowledge

The following languages/frameworks are ones I have recently used at university or on independent projects

  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Flutter + Dart
  • React + React Native
CS Concepts

The links lead to my revision notes for the respective topics I made while studying them.

  • Database Design
  • Cloud Computing using GCP, Azure, AWS
  • Machine Learning
  • Containerisation using Docker
  • Algorithm design
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Security
Instagram Clone
Flutter + Firebase
Slack Clone
Web App
Uber Eats Clone
Web App
Instagram Clone
Flutter (frontend only)
Netflix Clone
Flutter (frontend only)
Mobile Chat App
Flutter with Firebase backend
Mobile App for Therapists
React Native Project
BAFA Properties
Skyline Builds